'Get Everything' Bundle

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The easiest way to great guitar setup!

Imagine your best friend was a setup guru…

And wrote a book just for you.

Sketchy Setups are friendly, easy to follow guides to getting your guitar or bass playing its best.

There’s no filler. No unnecessary information. Just get the guide for guitar or bass and learn the steps just for that instrument.

In this bundle package, you’ll get every one of the Sketchy Setups guides. That’s seven guides in all, one each on the following instruments:

#1: The Fender Stratocaster

#2: The Fender Telecaster

#3: Gibson Guitars

#4: Precision and Jazz Basses

#5: Fender Offset Guitars

#6: Locking Tremolo

#7: Acoustic Guitars

Each Sketchy Setups is completely focussed with simple setup steps for only that type of instrument.

No need to wade through massive books, trying to find the relevant parts for your instrument. No searching for the pearls among millions of forum posts.

Easy, friendly advice for a great guitar setup.

Some of the things covered in these guides are:

  • the tools you’ll need
  • how to measure and set relief
  • how to measure and set action, including the saddle modifications needed on an acoustic instrument
  • how to balance the Strat tremolo bridges
  • balancing and setting up the Jazzmaster/Jaguar tremolo systems and the Mustang/Jag-Stang trems
  • working on Gibson’s tune-o-matic bridges
  • information on ‘classic’ offset guitars and some modern variants
  • how to balance and setup Floyd Rose, Ibanez Edge, and Kahler tremolo bridges
  • the tricky problem of setting up a standard nut
  • hot to handle setup with a locking nut
  • setting up the guitar’s pickups, including setup and troubleshooting on acoustic, undersaddle pickup output and balance
  • how to assess and modify for the best intonation
  • the Bass guide covers steps for bass, including tips for 5-string basses (and a ‘hack’ for nut tool alternatives).

This bundle is available as a compressed zip file containing all seven PDF guides.

You can get this bundle at a discount compared to buying the individual guides (or even compared to the Series 1 and 2 bundles).

Sketchy Setups is the easiest way to a great setup.

If you’re not sure where to start, start here. 

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'Get Everything' Bundle

33 ratings
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